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Our History

Coal gas production started in New Zealand in 1863. The first association of persons involved in gas production and utilisation in New Zealand was the Gas Companies Association of New Zealand Inc. which was formed in June 1909 with the primary objective of dealing with Government, this later became known as the Gas Association of New Zealand (GANZ) to find out more click here.

At that stage the growth of the gas industry was steady and by 1924, there were 54 gas works in operation; 35 in the North Island and 19 in the South Island.To find out more about the history of gas in New Zealand click here.

With improvements in gas production and purification technologies, together with new distribution and utilisation techniques, the professional engineers and technicians saw the need to create a specialist forum for communication and education. The Gas Institute of New Zealand was formed in 1924.

The objectives of the Institute were:

  • To promote and develop the gas industry in all its branches.
  • To enable persons who were engaged in the technical administration of gas undertakings to meet and correspond.
  • To advance knowledge and to stimulate inventions and research.
  • To be involved in the education and certification of members.

Over the years the Institution fulfilled these objectives and in 1986 it was reorganised as the New Zealand Institution of Gas Engineers, with redefined objectives.

  • To promote and develop gas engineering and the technical administration of the New Zealand Gas Industry in all its forms and activities.
  • To enable persons who are, or have  been, engaged in technical administration in the Gas Industry or who have been educated as Gas Engineers or Gas Technicians and other associated with Gas Technology, to meet and correspond.
  • To facilitate the interchange of ideas and experience regarding existing or new gas technology as the industry develops.
  • To improve and advance the technical training and general knowledge of Members and Associates by organising meetings, seminars and workshops on subjects of interest or importance and to recognise the performance of members where this is of merit.

In 2008 NZIGE and United Kingdom based Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) formed an alliance, creating a closer relationship between the organisations to provide greater benefit to NZIGE members and respective organisations. To find out more about IGEM click here. As a result the New Zealand Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (NZIGEM) was formed, to find out more about NZIGEM click here.

In November 2010 following a year of review the New Zealand Institution of Gas Engineers redefined its purpose and rebranded itself as NZIGE with the current Vision and Mission.

NZIGE Events In keeping with the origins of NZIGE, the Institution aims to provide a number of Regional Forum Evenings and Technical Workshops for members across New Zealand. It is an opportunity for members to come together to share knowledge and expertise; and be updated on events in your regions click here to find out more.