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NZIGE Events

Date Event Location Cost
November 5-7

Gas NZ Industry Forum


$490+GST (members)
$590+GST (non-members)

The NZIGE aims to provide a number of regional forum evenings and technical workshops for members across New Zealand.

It is an opportunity for members and prospective members to come together to share knowledge and expertise in an informal environment.

“It’s an opportunity to catch up with other industry members and find out what’s happening."

Regional Forum Hot Topic Evenings
On a regular basis, and as influenced by members Regional Forum Hot Topic Evenings are held throughout the year in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth and Wellington. These evenings are a great informal networking opportunity in a social environment. This is where members can freely engage on industry related topics and catch up with whats happening. The evening concludes with a current hot topic presentation to members, enabling further discussion. NZIGE welcomes interested parties to come along to these evenings and join in.

The NZIGE aims to provide learning opportunities through a range of technical workshops. These are designed to develop member's skills and knowledge, on a wide range of topics such as gas metering, pressure control, cathodic protection, and leakage control and incident investigation.

Annual NZ Gas Forum
The Institution also organises an annual NZ Gas Forum at which papers are presented on subjects, both of a technical and non-technical nature, relevant to the gas industry. These provide an opportunity for personal development of the technical people within the industry that will enable them to contribute more effectively to the success of their individual companies. This is achieved through writing and delivering technical papers, listening to papers from others from both within and outside the industry, and the interchange of information during both formal and informal sessions. At the annual seminar the Institution provides an incentive for members preparing and delivering papers to strive for excellence, with the availability of the Horrocks Medal. The Medal, which is judged on subject matter, verbal presentation and discussion, is only awarded if high standards are achieved and a technical paper submitted.

Codes and Standards
An important aspect of the Institution's work is influencing the content and preparation of Codes and Standards administered by the Standards NZ. Documents covering High Pressure Pipelines, Gas Distribution, Gas Metering, Odorisation, Appliance Installation and Safety have been developed. When an existing document comes up for review or the need for a document covering a new topic is identified, the Institution nominates members to be part of a working committee. The committee members, representing all interests, are charged with ensuring that the final document fully meets the specific requirements of the N.Z Gas Industry.