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New Zealand's leading body for gas professionals.


NZIGE is an active and supportive network of gas professionals:

  • Promoting safety and efficiency in the New Zealand gas industry through innovative solutions,
  • Striving to improve gas policy and standards, and encouraging sustainable progress,
  • Sharing our knowledge through mentoring, and supporting learning to enhance technical competency,
  • Encouraging a strong, active membership across the variety of disciplines in the gas and related industries within New Zealand.

We provide reliable and trusted advice based on our collective knowledge, experience and expertise, and are known across the gas sector for our efficiency, knowledge and progress.

Management of NZIGE

The affairs of the Institution are managed by a committee known as the Council. The Council consists of the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, two members who are elected from Fellows and Members, two members who are elected from the Associate Members, an Honorary Secretary / Treasurer. It is desirable that membership of the council embraces all facets of the gas industry.

President: Bruce Monk

Vice President: TBC

Immediate Past President: Nick Foster

Corporate Representatives:David Whitfield and Victor Gradowski

Non-Corporate Representatives: Anak Lumb and Ben Smith

Hon Secretary Treasurer: Kyle Running

Administration support

General administration, including financial services and membership administration, is provided by Engineering New Zealand. This facility, offered by Engineering New Zealand to its Technical Groups, is performed under the direction and control of Council.